Fortuna International - Cargo Hold Cleaning & Washing Services

Fortuna International LTD is a team of highly qualified specialists with 8+ years experience and traditions.

Fortuna International - Cargo Hold Cleaning & Washing Services

Why hold preparation services are important?

As preparation for loading is a complex procedure with a lot of peculiarities, it’s inappropriate to pass it without special attention and professional approach. There are a number of matters causing substantial claims. Starting with a lack of knowledge, time terms and strictness of survey inspection at load port, the shipowners, operators, managers, masters should find the most appropriate method of cargo holds preparation.


When reloading the same cargo, there is a tendency to leave the holds unswept. This can lead to the fact that the cargo residues can hide damages to the hold or tank top and react with the paint. Traces of previous cargoes may corrode bare steel plate. There are cargoes that stain and need a requires the holds to be cleaned very well after the carriage.


In order to avoid delays or offhire of the ship, hold preparation requires proper planning. With a team of skilled and experienced specialists, you get your vessel decontaminated and ready for the next loading promptly.

Our Benefits


Fortuna team provides a high-quality cargo holds preparation up to the strictest survey standards considering short deadlines, poor hold condition and maintenance.


The presence of well-established supply chains on spots enables Fortuna to take care of ordering all necessary equipment, chemicals and cleaning tools considering the type of required cleaning standard and appropriate method of preparation.

Cost Effective

Saving money by cutting time Fortuna team specializes on providing cleaning works even during vessels’ voyages: from the port of discharging to the port of loading.

Any Location

You choose the spot – We prepare the team. For smooth travelling and sailing each team member has a biometrical passport, insurance policy and a packet of seafarer’s document: seaman book, certificates of proficiency, medical examination report.


The holds preparation requires attentive and productive workflow organizing. Fortuna team always consider all important facts and terms to mobilize the forces and reach the goals in short terms.


Fortuna team meet all ecology standards during the preparation of your cargo holds. Also, we are using the most modern technologies and certified chemicals products performed by world-famous manufacturers such as UNITOR, MARICHEM, NAVADAN etc.

Why we are The Best?

Fortuna International LTD is the best Hold Cleaning & Preparation service all over the world!

Have been working for years in the market of professional management Fortuna International knows the importance of time in the shipping business. So, we minimize the time of cargo hold cleaning and make the washing process as efficient and fast as it’s possible.

We clean the holds during a vessel`s route port to port. With the shortest terms, we guarantee the complex washing of the ship on the 5 meters height or even above the water. It saves a lot`s of time so you won`t need to stay at anchorage so long.

Knowing of cargo holds standards helps to choose effective measures aimed at multipurpose preparation of the ship for the next loading. Our experienced supernumeraries can eliminate all types of previous cargo residue. They will choose the most appropriate techniques and chemicals according to the situation and conditions.

You will find a detailed description of our work here on our website. We are glad that you trust us!

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