Fifth step

De-Rusting cargo holds

The prepared of metal surface is considered as cleaned metal surface from defects indicated above, excluding possibility of undermining the paint coatings with a sharp hand tools (scraper, hammers and etc), and transitions between the settled paint and the cleaned metal (step) are smoothed out by grinding with hand tools, and necessarily locally painted in the treated areas. Pneumatic-electric hand tools, such as, angle grinder, needle hammer, etc. usually  are used for the above works as well.

Attention is required to the preparation of hold‘s surface and welding lines. The surface must be smooth and free of any rust places. It is allowed to use a special equipment such as rustibus or the application of acid chemicals to remove rust scales and oxidant from hold‘s tank top.

According to ISO 8501, required cleaning standard of cargo hold is St2*

What St2 means:

St2 – Thorough manual and mechanical cleaning – When viewed free of magnifying devices, the surface must be without visible oil, grease, and dirt as well as loose paint coatings, rust, adhering scale and foreign substance.

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