Dry cargo holds cleaning

DRY CLEANING or sweeping is the initial stage of cargo holds cleaning of any vessel before the next cargo loading.  Dry cleaning is the process of thoroughly sweeping the hold sides, fore and aft bulkheads, ladders, tank top, bilges and etc. from the cargo residue. At this stage, the brushes with a long handle are being used for a quick access to the hold low and upper areas. In addition to brushes, the brooms and shovels are used to collect cargo residues from the hold lower areas and tank top. From top areas to tank top it is required thoroughly passes all possible places of cargo accumulation, such as the hatch covers undersides, hatch comings, hatch coaming trackways, drainage channels and drain holes, ladders, platforms, pipe protection, cable channels, frames, etc. It is imperative that prior cleaning, the hatch covers must be opened and closed several times to shake off the cargo residues and loose rust as much as possible. The bilge wells, must also to be opened and all the cargo remains must be removed. In case of cargo holds cleaning after certain types of cargos, such as, clinker or cement, it is necessary to blow all hold surfaces with compressed air. Please bear in mind that blowing is carried out upwards.
The residues collected on the tank top after dry cleaning are packed into special containers and lifted to the main deck for further disposal.  The quality of the dry cleaning works has gives its influence on the final result of holds preparation.

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