it is a cleaning method used during process of cargo hold cleaning after not a dirty cargo such as coal, clinker and etc and in well maintained cargo holds (without paint flakes, loose rust, hardened cargo residues). After well done dry cleaning, chemicals application and within appropriate time frame, the general sea washing (wash down or wash out) should be done as an important stage of chemicals application. Thereafter, the holds must be rinsed by the fresh water. How the general washing of holds is being done?

After  well done  dry sweeping and chemicals application,  the sea  water, under pressure, from the main deck fire system, to be supplied by fire hoses  via enhanced delivery system, such as Maxi-Gun or Combi-Jet.The flow of the sea water should be directed to the contaminated areas of cargo hold and hatch cover.

Selecting the method of cargo hold cleaning requires an individual approach and depends on many parameters. For example, it is very important to know, what kind of cargos were shipped before and what is the next cargo. The staff of “Fortuna International Ltd” will determine the best option for cargo holds cleaning to meet the required cleanliness standard. And our Cleaning Team will quickly and efficiently perform their duties on board, all over the world.