Worldwide cargo holds preparation

Fortuna International Ltd. is a team with a high level of awareness of the hold preparation works. Extensive experience allows us to answer your request within shortest term and mobilize staff within up to 24 hours, search for the optimal rout to your location and prepare all necessary equipment. With us you may be sure you get the best service in any location all over the world. Our supernumeraries can prepare the holds for next discharging after such types of cargo:

        • Coal
        • Pet Coke
        • Cement
        • Lime
        • Manganese ore
        • Metal Scrap
        • Bauxite, etc.

Each team member has appropriate certifications and knowledge to perform any type of works. Our qualification and equipment are more than enough to work in any hard and hazardous conditions on the height of 5 meters and above.

We have Cleaned & Prepared

All over the world. At the different types of vessels deadweight.

In 2017:


In 2018:


Vessel`s previous cargo:

Pet Coke:
Manganese ore:
Metal scrap:

Why Choose Us

There are many different types of cargoes which are commonly carried in bulk in today’s market, and they all require different methods of hold cleaning.
 Although vessel’s cargo holds must always be cleaned to the highest standards possible, regardless of the next commodity to be carried.
And Fortuna International LTD Will gladly handle all those works for you. 

Fast and Effective

Timing is critical. Your vessels are only earning while they are at sea. This means that time in port must be kept to an absolute minimum and frequent turnarounds between cargoes have to be fast and efficient. Seen in this context, the hold cleaning that takes place between cargoes is pivotal. To complicate the picture, the process of cargo hold cleaning is now more closely regulated than ever before. 

Our company routes the team to any location all over the world. We search for an optimal way to your location. On arrival, we are doing holds preparation works whether the vessel is at anchorage or shipping to the other port of loading. This way of doing business saves much time and efforts on your side and makes your business profitable and optimized.  

Ecology safe & Grain standard

Any cleaning team that may be discharged with wastewater after cleaning must not be harmful to the environment. Which means that the cleaning agents have to be both effective and compliant with current regulations. 

 While working with different chemicals we meet all modern standards of an ecology safe works to be done. We prepare your holds after and before any cargo. And of course, we are doing it in the safest way to keep your cargo clean and ecological. With our services, you may be sure you get a positive result.  

Highly Professional

The design of modern dry bulk carriers is centred around their holds and has evolved to be as efficient as possible in terms of volume of cargo carried. Whether this is coal, grain, iron ore or other bulks, the need is for fast and efficient loading, safe shipping and speedy unloading.

But what happens when the voyage is completed and the cargo holds are empty? What comes next is a crucial process that can make the difference between securing the ship’s next employment and losing a valuable charter by failing to meet regulatory requirements. 

Good cargo hold cleaning is vital for dry cargo shipowners and operators. It’s a process that can directly affect the bottom line and which relies on the crew having the right tools to do their job safely and efficiently. 

Certified and Insured

Each of our team members has all needed certifications to execute all needed holds cleaning jobs. Any type of hazardous jobs with HP equipment usage. Each employee has full insurance for any type of possible hazards while doing your job.

What Clients Say?

Shipowner`s testimonials one of the guarantees of our work services quality.