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Why is a preparation of cargo holds prior to loading so important?

Preparation to loading cargo holds is a special type of procedure. It is not about simple cleaning but is a responsible stage of preparation, that demands special training, knowledge, materials, and equipment. The quality of cargo holds preparation and cleaning predetermine the future success of the lasting shipment.

After coming to an unloading point and delivering a bulk carrier, a storage area needs to be cleaned for the following loading. Everything seems to be very easy. However, there is an important moment you need to pay your attention to.

The goods transported may be absolutely different. It means that the same hold may delivery a coal or iron ore and then it will be loaded with grain. Such types of cargoes as maize (corn), oats, rye, barley, rice, pulses, seeds, and their processed forms should not contain any residues of previous cargo.

That`s why the carrier needs to have a special inspection that will allow or forbid the transportation next consignment. By the glove test method, the Surveyor marks surfaces as clean or not and conclude about the possibility of a next cargo loading.

Why should you choose our company?

Fortuna International is a worldwide company with 8-years experience in the business.

Our team of educated, highly-skilled and reliable professionals is ready to assist you anytime. You may order our services in any part of the world and our operation team will manage your request within 24 hours. Our group will come to perform it in a safe and reliable manner at any point in the world.

We use knowledge, skills and special equipment to save your time and make your business profitable. Each of our supernumeraries has a needful pack of documents and certificates for work. Fortuna cleaning gang prepares your holds fast as possible without any loss of quality.

What kind of problems can cause inappropriate hold preparation?

If cleaning is done in an inappropriate manner, it may cause many difficulties. The main are:

  • goods contamination;
  • off-hire;
  • consignee refusal to receive a shipment;
  • arbitration;
  • failure to receive an income;
  • additional expenses for dispute resolution.

The preparation of cargo hold made by a professional and experienced team eliminates such possible troubles for 100%. We offer you to avoid such unpleasant consequences. We save your time and money.

What the hold cleanliness standards exist?

In the dry bulk trades, there are five cleanliness standards depend on the type of next cargo.

  • Stringent clean (Hospital clean)
    The holds have 100% intact paint coatings on all surfaces, including the tank top, all ladder rungs and undersides of hatches.
  • Grain clean
    The holds are clean, swept and washed down with fresh water. They are free from insects, odor, a residue of previous cargo, lashing material, loose rust scale, and paint flakes, etc.
  • Normal clean
    All residues of the previous cargo are removed and the holds are swept clean. Used for taking cargo that is similar to the last shipment.
  • Shovel clean
    The holds are dry cleaned and no washed down.
  • Load on top
    A new cargo is loaded on top of existing cargo residues.

Fortuna team is always ready to prepare the holds to any cleanliness standard over the shortest terms and with high quality.