Cargo Hold Preparation and Cleaning

Dry Cleaning & Cargo Residues Removal

To prevent impurity of the next cargo all current cargo leavings should be cleaned up carefully.

General Sea Water Wash

It is much necessary to avoid hazards based on cargo spillage on deck or holds. 

Chemicals Appliance and Washout

This service is necessary when you have hard-to-remove pollution of your holds.

Washing by HP Machine

This service is necessary when you have hard-to-remove pollution of your holds which can not be removed with Chemicals.


That is absolutely necessary when you need to prepare your holds for the next moisture hazardous cargo


Service for the Holds which paint is damaged by previous cargo or rust

Why is a preparation of cargo holds prior to loading so important?

Preparation of cargo holds prior to loading and unloading is a special type of procedures. It is not about simple cleaning. However, this is a responsible stage in every transportation, that demand special training, knowledge, materials, and equipment. The quality of bulk cargoes hold preparation and cleaning predetermine the future success of the lasting shipment.  

Cargo hold preparation is a complex of actions for loading a vessel with a new consignment for the next delivery. In a nutshell, after coming to an unloading point and delivering a bulk carrier, a storage area needs to be cleaned for the following loading. Everything seems to be very easy. However, there are two important moments you need to pay your attention to:

First, the goods transported may be absolutely different. What does it mean? It means that the same hold may delivery a coal or iron ore and then it will be loaded with grain.

Second, the transportation carrier needs to have a special inspection that will allow or forbid the transportation next consignment.

Why should you choose our company?

There are a lot of cargo hold preparation websites on the Internet, proposing hold preparation services.

Fortuna International is a company with 8-years experience in the business. We are a worldwide company. Our team of educated, highly-skilled and reliable professional is ready to assist you anytime. You may order our services in any part of the world, and our group will come to perform it in a safe and reliable manner. We use our knowledge and skills to save your time and make your business profitable.

What kind of problems can cause inappropriate hold preparation?

If cleaning is done an inappropriate manner, it may cause many difficulties. The main are:

  • goods contamination;
  • off-hire;
  • consignee refusal to receive a shipment;
  • arbitration;
  • failure to receive an income;
  • additional expenses for dispute resolution.

Preparation of cargo hold made by a professional and experienced team eliminates such possible troubles for 100%. We offer you to avoid such unpleasant consequences. We save your time and money.  

What kind of goods are usually transported?

The holds transport the following deliveries:

  • minerals and concentrates;
  • cokes and coals;
  • fertilizers;
  • sulfur and salt;
  • forest;
  • grain products.

Every type listed above requires a special cleaning methodology and technology.  

The preparation requirement depends on the previous and next cargo, the receiving party and state requirements. These activities need a special protective clothing and equipment. These are more reasons for transmitting this job to professionals.